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a person pouring sauces on a cupcake

Is your bakery peanut free? 
Yes we are 100% peanut free.

Is your bakery nut free? 
We cannot claim to be “nut free” because the FDA categorizes coconut as a tree nut. We use coconut in many of our products. This is the only nut we use. 

Do you use any seeds? Sunflower, Flax Sesame? 
Yes we do for some of our products. 

Do you use Hydrogenated fats, margarine, oils? 
No. We don’t use hydrogenated oils or margarine. 

Can I phone or email my order? 
The best way to place an order is through our new online ordering system. However you can call us or email us with your questions and we will be happy to help you. 

When can I place orders? 
You can place orders online at any time.

Do you deliver? 
Yes, due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are currently only offering delivery for all orders placed online via There is a $30 minimum for online orders. Delivery fee depends on distance, and it will come up during checkout before proceeding to payment.

How long in advance do I need to place my order? 
At this moment, due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are offering next-day delivery on all orders. The cut-off time for next-day orders is 12:00pm the day prior. If you need the order for a later date, no problem! you may select a different date during checkout. 

Do you have same day delivery?
You can find us through our partnering delivery apps: Postmates, UberEats and Grubhub for same day delivery on a selection of items. Your delivery address must be within the app's service distance from our location in Wynwood. Cakes are not available for same day delivery at the moment. 

Can I place my order for same day or next day pick up?
No, unfortunately due to the current situation with COVID-19 at the moment we are not offering pick-up for any orders. Our storefront location remains closed until further notice for the safety of our customers and employees. 

Do I need to pre pay? 
Yes, we kindly request payment in advance to guarantee your order.

What happens if I do not pick up my order? 
You will be charged 100% of your order. We will keep your order in our facility until we contact you. After 1 week we will dispose the products, no refunds are available. If you wish to place the same order you may do so if you pay for the full price. 

Can I have a card to write on for my order? 
Yes, you may request a small card at no cost. You may also purchase special celebration cards on our merchandise section.

Do you offer discount for large orders?
Yes, we can offer you a discount on orders for more than 300 cupcakes. 

Do you have candles? 
Yes, we do have candles. You can have the box for $3.00 or single (one for free, more than one $0.50 each). 

Do you ship? 
We are currently testing and researching shipping capabilities and logistics in order to provide the best option for our customers. We look forward to updating this option very soon. Stay tuned! 

How do I store my Bunnie Cakes? 
We recommend that you store your cupcakes or cakes at room temperature (under air conditioning) if they will be consumed within 2 to 3 days of purchase. Otherwise, you can freeze them for up to 3 months from purchase date. To thaw them, leave them at room temperature for 1 hour for cupcakes, or for 2-3 hours for cakes, before they are ready to be served. 

Do you offer special icing colors? 
Yes we do. Please let us see our cake guide on our website with all of the color options available.

Do you make specialty cakes or decorations?
Yes we do. Please fill out the “custom cake request” form on our website. For specialty cakes we require 3 weeks advance notice. 

Do you offer fondant or tier cakes?
At the moment we do not offer fondant covered cakes. We do offer tiered cakes. 

How many cupcakes do you recommend per person?
For our large cupcakes size we recommend 1 per person. For the mini cupcakes size we recommend 2-3 per person. As our cupcakes are less expensive by the dozen we recommend always ordering by the dozen 

Do you rent cupcake stands? 
No, we are not renting any cupcakes stands at the moment.