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Product / Ingredients

a closeup of a cupcake topped with sweet sprinkles and a heart shaped figure

What gluten free flour do you use? 
For our gluten free cakes and cupcakes we use a rice flour blend. For our gluten free cookies and brownies we use chickpea flour.

What butter or oil do you use? 
We use soy free earth balance buttery spread for our savory products.
For our cupcakes and cakes we use an oil blend (palm, canola, safflower, olive oil) and for our cookies and brownies we use coconut oil. 

What do you use to replace eggs?
We use a mix of starches (potato and tapioca) and flax seeds. 

What do you use as milk replacement? 
We use coconut milk mainly for our frosting. 

What cheese do you use? 
We use Daiya Cheese. 

Do you use artificial colorings? 
To achieve some colors for special decorated cakes we use synthetic food coloring. Natural food coloring is always available upon request. Our cupcakes contain no artificial food colors or dyes except the red velvet. 

Do you use corn? 
We do not use any corn-based ingredients in our sweet products. In the baking powder and some of our jellies (passion fruit, dulce no leche, strawberry and blackberry) there is small amounts of Non GMO cornstarch. 

What bread do you use?
For the vegan option we use a French style baguette bread. For our Gluten Free option we use a Tapioca flour sandwich bread. 

What do you use to color the pink heart?
They are made with natural coloring.  

Do you use soy?
All our sweet products are soy free.
Some of our savory sandwiches and empanadas have tofu based ingredients for meat substitutes.